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Solace Creations Double Glazing
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5 Testimonials
8 years
Russell - Reid

We are delighted with the windows and the way in which were installed, a big thank you to you and all your team.

8 years
Rowena - Chifley

I love my windows - the team did a great job. They paid attention to detail, took care in the work they did, made very helpful suggestions and were very accommodating of my evolving requests (e.g. on electrical related issues. The painting team also did a good job and were very helpful when I was uncertain about issues. Also, they were all very nice to have around. So I not only like the look and function of my windows, but they come with a nice installation ambience. They have taken the frosty chill off the house.

8 years
Sandy - Rivett

My house is so much warmer now that we have installed your uPVC double glazed windows and doors. We used to warm only one room of the house and now the heat expands to all of our rooms. The cost of heating is the same as heating the one room. Even the pantry is warm now and we are so comfortable.

8 years
Vanessa - Queanbeyan

I have recently had the majority of my aged windows replaced by Solace Creations. The old windows were from 1947 and allowed air in around the outside as well as through the very thin glass. They were stiff and brittle and in need of lots of paint. Solace replaced them with uPVC double glazed low e double hung Artisan Windows from AMSCO. Our house is quieter and much more snug. The windows are simple to clean and will never need painting. Being in a Heritage Protection Area was no problem and the change from the old to the new was barely noticeable, except for the increased amenity! The installation itself was quick and fuss-free. The workmen were polite and tidy. Karen Fisher was helpful, thoughtful and very efficient throughout our (slightly extended) interaction. She and her team made sure that every detail was correct before ordering the windows and, as a result, everything went smoothly. Overall the experience was really, really good.

8 years
David - Hackett

I'm very happy to say that I'm impressed with the difference double glazing makes - they really do keep the cold out, which in Canberra is exactly what you need.

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